Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wardrobe by Mail: Stitch Fix

I have been trying a few clothes subscription services and recently tried Stitch Fix after a friend recommended it. 

Using the site is easy. You send your Pinterest profile, measurements, preferences and then you schedule a "Fix" that includes five items of clothing. When I got the five clothes and they were totally my style. The stylist had selected them based off of my Pinterest and the fact that I specified I wanted more work clothes. I got a striped tank top, long sleeve blouse, (faux) suede jacket, a pair of black pants and a sweater. Three of the five of the pieces fit and I love them. I also love that I got a little note from the stylist who wrote about why she shared the clothes with me and how to style them. 

The only problem with this is I want another fix! (Trying to pace myself.) But you should check  Stitch Fix out. You'll love me and hate me for it. 

1 comment:

Meghan Splawn said...

I've been wondering about Stitch Fix! It seems like the perfect thing for moms, but I think I would become addicted to it. Might be better than grocery delivery.


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