Sunday, January 19, 2014

Projects in 2014

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Hi there, wowzers it's been a while. It's been a busy couple of months since moving to our new house. So after the dust settled, we've been able to work on a few projects. 

For the holiday we made turkish delight, which was labor intensive and fun, but the flavor was, umh, very unique. The rose water is not as appreciated here as it is in the Middle East, but it was fun to make.  

Michael published several of his projects! He designed several Christmas tree toppers and a table top sculpture that are made using a 3D printer. He fulfills all orders through Shapeways. Check them out, they are pretty cool - although I'm biased. 

He also released his second album, Structure. Like his first album, it's ambient and nice to have on while you are working. I feel like I'm bragging, but I am very proud of him for releasing two albums! He's already thinking about his next. 

Other projects underway: 

12 bowls of Ramen is underway. What does that mean? After our trip to Japan I was excited to see so many ramen restaurant/bars here in Seattle. So I decided to try one a month. We've visited Aloha Ramen, which was super tasty and similar to what we had in Japan. Tonight we are heading to RamenMan. 

12 books in 2014 
First book (which I just completed) was At Home by Bill Bryson. 
Second book is currently underway -- Americanah  

I've been working on a few sewing projects, like this cute skirt from Colette Patterns with some chambray fabric I bought last year from Drygoods Design. Hopefully I'll finish that up this week or next. 

We are also looking at a few fun trips this year. We just booked Palm Springs to celebrate Michael's sister's engagement, which will be four days of fun! We are also looking closer to home like Vancouver B.C., Tieton, Washington and Idaho. 

Well, that should keep us busy! 

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