Sunday, March 17, 2013

Japan + Bali

A few years ago my husband went to Japan for a business trip. Seeing his excitement and hearing about the amazing places he visited has catapulted Japan to the top of my travel list.

Well, our sweet friend Jennifer is in Bali (another place on our list) so we decided to go visit her and since we have to stop in Japan for a layover... well, we might as well stay there for a week and explore too. 

So we have three days in Kyoto and just about three days in Tokyo. 

I'm excited to ride a bike and explore the ancient city of Kyoto. We just booked three nights in this apartment

Then we take the bullet train up to Tokyo. (I am giddy about taking this train.)

This is the first trip we've taken Internationally that we don't have dear Rick Steves to help us. Luckily I found Hello Sandwich's awesome Tokyo Guide. For $10 she sends you the cutest PDF full of recommendations of places to check out in Tokyo.

Next up... we plan our trip to Bali. 

//Bali photo via flickr Japan photo via pinterest 


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