Monday, January 7, 2013

Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielsen

The Kelly Skirt by Aussie designer Megan Nielsen has been on my sewing list forever.

I got the pattern for Christmas and just did the final stitches. The 8 buttons delayed the completion slightly but I persevered past the daunting task while biting my lip only slightly. I used a faux suede and was a bit skeptical at first, but the fabric was a dream to work with. The drape is perfect and the wrong side of the fabric is semi slick so it looks like it's lined, which added a nice little touch. 

Here's a few tips: 
- If you are a tall gal be sure to add a few inches. I'm 6'1 so I added 4 inches to the pattern and love the length (it's right about knee length). 
- Make sure that you try the skirt on after you have sewn the pleats and the facing pinned (but before you add the waistband) so you can test how it fits. If it's too snug or too loose just adjust the pleats. Make sure you then make those same adjustments to the waistband too. 
- I used lining fabric to make the pockets and was glad I did. It made it look a bit more professional and who doesn't like black and white polka dots. I mean come on! 

I'm currently looking for a nice chambray fabric for the next version of this skirt. I'm thinking this one will be perfect. 

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