Sunday, December 2, 2012

Urban Craft Uprising

For years I've been hearing about Urban Craft Uprising and I've never been able to make it ... until this year. I ventured over with a friend on opening day and got some great finds, hilarious 'overheards' and founds some terribly ironic kid's onsies - "C is for Cephlapod" was my favorite.  

Two vendors stood out through the crafty crowd: 
Nell & Mary - a Portland-based shop that designs, prints, and sews all of their fabrics into beautiful home goods. 
I loved all of their textiles and it took me a bit to decide, but I finally found two pillows that fit perfectly on our new brown leather couch. 

Material+Movement - a jeweler who uses heirloom china to make beautiful earrings and necklaces. A few years ago everyone was doing mosaics, rings, you name it out of china and ceramic pieces, but this line really stands out because of the form and composition of each necklace/earring. 
You can visit her at her etsy shop, but I think her in store photography does not do her art justice. If you are in Seattle, Material + Movement will be going to another show next weekend in Ballard. 


Trin said...

What? A bird pillow?? Maybe it will be therapeutic in combatting your bird phobia.

Sandra said...

LOVE the pillows....beautiful choices!

Sandra said...

Put a bird on it! SO Portland... ;)


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