Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seattle Fabric Stores

I'm a buy local kinda gal. And that especially goes for fabric. Where possible I like to support local fabric designers and fabric stores. (Joanns and Michaels sometimes are just too overwhelming for me! Oy!) That's why I'm happy to find so many cute spots spread throughout Seattle, such as:

West Seattle Fabric Company - is a great little shop on California Avenue with a nice assortment of cotton fabrics and notions. 

West Seattle Fabric Company's Stitch & Sew Studio is opening soon for classes. I can't wait! 

In Columbia City there's a fun little hole in the wall quilt shop with a small but nicely sourced selection of cotton fabrics called Stash

Nancy's Sewing Basket is a high end fabric store reminds me of a European fabric store. This is where you go when you need expensive cotton and fashion fabric. My mom bought the material for my sister's vintage cage veil here. 

Stitches on Capital Hill has got a fun little vibe to it too. Mostly cotton with some fashion fabric. 

Pacific Fabrics & Crafts has several locations and a 'outlet' - which I put in quotes because it is still pricey but they do have a large variety of fabrics and are worth checking out. 

I'm also planning on checking out Tina's on Madison. We passed it today with not enough time to stop by, but I'll be back! 

Another one I can't wait to check out is Made Sewing Studio near Greenlake. They have a ton of classes and a few 'open sews' that I'm planning on attending in October. 

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