Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to make a Carmen Miranda hat

Why do I always pick the most complex costumes?
This year I decided to go as Carmen Miranda. The hardest part is, of course, the fruit head dress. But if you have the right tools, it's really not that hard.

Glue gun
1 old baseball cap
fabric or a scarf (see video below for more info)
plastic fruit
1 large plastic leaf (I used a palm frond)
optional: beads and feathers

To make the fruit head dress: 
1. Cut the bill off a baseball cap and adjust it to fit your size. 
2.  Using the same material that you will for your headscarf, cut and hot glue a small strip to the front and back all the way around the entire hat. (This prevents the baseball cap from being visible if your scarf starts to slip.) 
3. Use your large leaf or palm frond and glue it to the back of your cap. Make sure it's securely in place, 
4. Using hot glue, begin to attach fruit in the middle of your cap. I'd recommend just adding a few pieces, because you will add more later after your head scarf is a fixed. 
5. After the glue is dry, put the baseball cap on your head. If you have long hair, tie it in a snug low bun. And adjust cap to make sure it fits in place. 
6. With your baseball cap still on, follow the instructions for the headscarf and tie it firmly in place. Then adjust the headscarf around the fruit. Add more fruit, feathers or other over the top accoutrements. 
7. Slap some lipstick on your face because you are CARMEN MIRANDA!

Wanna see how mine turned out? Check it out here.
And the photos above were found via Tumblr - both source unknown. 

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