Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anthropologie Workshops

Anthropologie's displays always inspire me. So when I got an invite to be part of their holiday displays, I jumped at the chance, and invited my sister)!
The entire event was very Anthro which is girl talk for too cute! We all gathered around little tables with stylized tablecloths and eclectic chairs. Then we ate little bites and had pear + champagne cocktails. The winter displays are little woodland creatures built with a metal frame in the shape of each animal and then covered with paper. We cut several different types of paper to create a texture for the outside of the animals. We folded and hand ripped paper towels for the polar bear, tore Tyvek house wrap in half to create feathered textures for the owl, and carefully cut wax paper for the squirrels. Then we layered the paper piece over piece with the help of about a dozen glue guns to mimic the animal's feathers and fur. 
Recognizing that we were providing the store free labor, it was so fun to be part of the process!  
I learned an interesting thing about Anthro too... the majority of the objects used in their displays are purchased at Home Depot. The displays are developed by their creative team and then distributed to their store managers and display managers in each store. At that point the store can put their own slight tweaks on the overall look and feel. 
The whole session was very inspiring and fun to do with my sis! There are still a ton of sessions happening all over the country, you should check it out

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