Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tallgirl: Belts

Most fashion problems can be solved with a belt. Too blah? Add a leopard skin belt. Too bulky? Add some definition with a fitted belt around your waist.
It's also a tall girl's best friend because it helps keep things proportional. Oh belts, glorious belts!

Leopard print via Madewell

Green corded and blue and red stripe via Jcrew

Green/blue belt via Barneys 

Woven Bow via Anthropologie

P.S. This Tuesday tall girl was inspired by Torie, my fashionable coworker! (Thank you, Torie!) If you have a Tuesday Tallgirl idea, let me know!


jmoetruden. said...

Hey Sarah! Glad you asked. I'd like a blog post about the differences between Seattle and Portland, specifically regarding: fabric shops, sewing groups and classes, and fashion.

xoxox, j.

Sarah said...

Good idea! And you've got it! I have a few stores to check out. I'm also thinking about starting a Sew Club. When you are back in the States you should come up!

jmoetruden. said...

K, count me in for possible June 2013 attendance.

Oh - I'm also interested in your Seattle commute. What's it look like and what sort of fashion does it require?

Sarah said...

I have such an easy commute... I moved to the neighborhood where my office is, so we don't have to worry about the traffic. And (knock on wood) we haven't had any rain. I think a cute new umbrella and maybe some boots may be in my future though.


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