Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tallgirl: Denim shirt

This Tuesday Tallgirl is dedicated to the perfect denim/chambray shirt, which I had been searching for for the last six months! But yesterday I found the perfect one from Urban Outfitters.
Here's why... unlike other sizes the shirt didn't get wider in a larger size. It actually got longer!! (Slow clap... lots of slow claps for that!)
So, if you are looking for a shirt (whether you are a tall gal or not) here's what to look for.
1- Make sure that the shoulder seams hit your shoulders and are not falling off to either side. This makes the shirt look fitted and is way more comfortable for you.
2- Don't play peek-aboo! Get a size that isn't so snug on your bust that it gaps. No one wants to see that part of your bra. It's unattractive and you'll be adjusting your shirt the whole day.
3- Length matters. Yes, it does! The top edge of the curved part of the shirt bottom should hit just below your hip. If it's shorter, you will look out of proportion and who wants that.

Okay, so go grab your colorful jeans and rock that shirt!  


jmoetruden. said...

I have those exact problems with my chambray shirt! More posts please!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for keeping me bloggin' Jennifer! Okay, more posts soon.


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