Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fried Chicken: Mission Accomplished

My goal this weekend was to escape Portland for a bit and get the world's best (or perhaps Oregon's best) fried chicken. It is a 3 hour drive so I tracked down the name of the cafe that we had eaten this fabulous fried chicken at more than 4 years ago and discovered that the restaurant had changed owners. Instead of fried chicken, they now serve chickens strips. (Read: frozen grocery store fried chicken parts. Not the same.)
All was not lost, because I remembered this place we hadn't been to on the Sandy River called Tad's Chicken N Dumplins. It was fabulous. A short 20 minute drive and right on the Sandy River.
Dinner was perfect. Old timey restaurant, old fashions (with two cherries), fried chicken and green beans. Yum! 
As we left the restaurant, the rain started to slowly fall on the trees around us. We put down the sunroof and drove just fast enough to keep the rain from reaching us in the car. Instead, we could hear it fall gently on the trees. The mist hung over the river while the sun set. It was a perfect weekend.  

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