Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introducing: Tuesday Tallgirl

 I LOVE being tall, but let's be honest - shopping can be a real drag. So I've decided to put together a weekly outfit for fellow tall gals to make shopping a bit easier called Tuesday Tallgirl.  
Hey, don't worry if you aren't tall (and I'm talking 6 feet or above), I will also include cute accessories. If you are a statuesque lady, feel free to share where you shop. I'd love to find new places! 

[1] Etsy- Jullmade: Handmade round beads 
[2] Long Tall Sally: Button Front Cowl Cardi (It's on sale too!)
[3] GAP: 1969 Skimmer legging jean 
[4] Moop: the letter bag 


Fresh Tangerine said...

I think that Tuesday Tallgirl might just be one of my new faves. I was literally looking at those Gap jeans yeasterday!

Jennifer said...

Thank god it's cropped pants (or for us tall folk, wearing normal skinny pants as cropped pants) season.

I got a really cute pair of skinny colored jeans (that are flattering!) at JC Penny a month ago. $17. No lie.

Sarah said...

@Fresh Tangerine - you are so sweet! Thank you.
And Jennifer, looks like I'm heading to JCP! Upcoming Tuesday Tallgirl research, right!?


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