Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer scarves

Happy May Day! I love May, don't you!? 
I've already started swapping out some of my winter clothes for spring and summer. And that means packing away some of my favorite scarves for next winter. A sad thought, since scarves are my favorite. I realized I don't have a ton of lightweight scarves. I have a friend who says she has an entire dresser drawer devoted to scarves. And after this weekend, I'm well on my way. 

At Sew Club I did the Purl Bee's Pom Pom Cowl. For this scarf I used 1/2 a yard of tan-colored linen fabric and some black pom poms from Cool Cottons

Then after I finished that scarf, I decided to do a few summer scarves, like the one below. I think more are in my future. (I'll start making room in my dresser now.) 

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