Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Goodness of Handcrafted Gifts

Have you seen the latest Kinfolk magazine? It's beautiful. Especially the article written by David Winward called The Goodness of Handcrafted Gifts. 
"The best decorating tip my wife and I ever received was from a friend who told us the secret of making a new residence feel like home: incorporate something handcrafted by someone we know into each room...   
As my crocheting fetish shows, the mere making of a handcrafted gift (absent the maternal gush) is not going to be sufficient to transform an apartment into a home. The goodness of the handcrafted gift comes not just from the skill of the crafter, but the crafter's empathetic resonance with the recipient and the recipient's need to possess and display a part of someone else. And what is more human and more good than that?"  


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