Thursday, January 5, 2012

Focused Fashion: Color Palette

After much thought, I've decided on these 6 colors. I know I said five to begin with, but I changed my mind. (Hellofa way to start the year, making and then breaking my rules less than a week in.)

Here's why I picked them: This palette is broken into three basics and three colors that really pop. I LOVE color and wear it constantly. However, I recognize that it's good to get some foundational colors like the brown, black and gray that would look great with a pop of color from a scarf or some earrings.

The three colorful choices I selected based on the colors I've been gravitated to as shown most clearly through my Pinterest boards. Especially this one. And, notice a certain orange. (Hint: Tangerine Tango)

So, my next step is to pick out a few fabric swatches and a few patterns to focus on. I'm thinking a blouse or two and a dress will be in the mix. What kinds of clothes would you make to support your 2012 closet?

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