Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: focused fashion, exploring constraints

Happy New Year! A few weeks ago I was thinking about what kinds of projects I wanted to work on in 2012 when my husband said, "why don't you pick 5 different fabrics and focus on those for the year?" What an amazing challenge.
So, I created a Pinterest board for 2012 fashion and have been culling through my patterns and clipped magazine articles trying to select the perfect projects.
What colors/patterns of fabric would you choose if you could only focus on 5 for the whole year?


Meghan said...

Ok, I've been thinking about this for a few days and here's what 4 fabrics/patterns - I will be trying to work with in 2012 (I'm still very new at the sewing machine)
- Cotton polka dots - for cute dresses and skirts
- Linen - in classic cream. I want to try printing some myself for kitchen towels and maybe make some throw pillows
- Something wool-y - I'm going to try reupholstering our sofa later in the year, but I'm starting with a chair and am thinking a grey wool blend for both.
- Knit/Crochet - I started teaching myself to knit last year but haven't made much progress - not really sewing related but I'd love to knit a cowl or poncho or something!

The reupholstery projects seem like such big ones I only picked 4.

What fabrics patterns did you finally pick?

Sarah said...

Meghan, you are the best! I love your ideas too! I went to Pendleton a few days ago because I'm thinking about wool as well. I'm narrowing down, but I have a color palette that I will be sharing soon. Next step will be going to the fabric store to pick out swatches. All fun things.


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