Friday, September 30, 2011

Storing Needles

If you do any fashion sewing, chances are you sew with more than one needle. I have a ton... denim needles, a double and double stretch needle, stretch needle and my serger needles. I used to try to put the needle back in the little plastic container in between uses or I'd just put it in my pin cushion, but that caused problems. I didn't know if the needles were new and if I put them in the pin cushion, I had no idea what size they were. Ugh! 
During one of my sewing lessons with the fabulous Sally, she recommended that I buy a little tomato pin cushioncushion because it is split into sections, and then labeling the bottom so I would know what needle it is. The woman is brilliant! 
 Try it and see if it helps. I used our cute little Dymo Organizer Xpress Proto make some snazzy little tags. 

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