Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sewing Standing Up: In Practice

After getting this new table, I've noticed that my sewing has drastically improved. Sounds weird, but think about it... before I was hunched over a shorter table cutting or sewing and my back was always aching. I found that I was cutting corners (no pun intended) all the time just to complete my projects. 
Now, I find that I'm taking the time to get my garments completed because everything is more at my level. I also have everything I need right at my finger tips. Check out the side shelves. I love it! 

Because this does change the way you sew, here's a few things to consider before purchasing: 
1. I now have to sew with one sandal on my left foot. As I press my pedal with my right foot I've noticed that my weight shifts all to that left foot. After half an hour of sewing I noticed my left foot is tired, so adding the sandal to bear the weight. It looks odd, but it helps a ton. 
2. If you are sewing really heavy garments, you will need to place a stool near you to hold the weight of the garment. Not having as wide of a surface area means that I have little space to hold my sewing projects to the left of the machine as I stitch. This isn't a problem most of the time, but if I'm sewing something heavy - like a wool blanket, like I did this weekend - it's handy to have something for support. 
3. The table is great for sewing, cutting and collaborating. I often like to have friends sew with me, so I have two stools for us to chat in between sewing. 

I have heard that sewing standing up hurts some people's backs. Perhaps because I'm so tall it's ideal? What are your favorite, or least favorite, things about sewing standing up? 


niq said...

my new sewing machine arrived today in the midst of cleaning up after the leak in my basement. So it is like a very special treat to be able to set it up now that I';m done downstairs, but the spot I want to keep it would require I sew standing up... yup, that is how I found you via google! I'm in Portland too, not much of a sewer, but I'd like to be someday and am looking forward to reading your posts for extra inspiration!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Niq! Congrats on the new sewing machine. Have fun making your own sewing space!


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