Monday, August 1, 2011

Sewing Projects This Summer

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I've gotten quite the sewing bug lately... it must be because my machine is in the shop. You always want what you can't have.

So, I cut out a few patterns that I am excited about. 

The first is the slip pattern from Gertie. I was just going to buy one until I saw that they were $25+. Umh, no way. I went to the fabric store, bought a yard of black no-static lining fabric and it's all cut out and ready to go. 
I'm excited to wear it with a midi skirt. 

I also just ordered this fabulous pattern for a long knit dress, so I am planning my attack there. 

And I am so, so, so close to finishing this shirt, but my machine started acting a bit funny right before I sewed the sleeve to the shirt. So I worked on a bit of gathering and then I'll be ready when my machine comes back. 

Oh, and remember that table that I posted about recently?? Well, I got it for my birthday. I came home and my husband had secretly purchased and assembled it for me! Kind of amazing. I'll post pix soon. I can't wait to test out the sewing standing up! I can already tell you that cutting from a higher surface is SO much better on my back. 

What are you working on?? 

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