Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sewing Standing Up

Sewing shouldn't hurt... but sometimes it does. And sadly, it's my fault.  I have a sewing table, but it's not large enough to lay my whole pattern on it so, I bring my sewing mat over to the hardwood floor and lay out my pattern, alter it and then lay out my pattern on my fabric and cut. That's a lot of awkward kneeling and contortionist maneuvers to get the pattern right.

Last week when we were in New York we stopped in a CB2 and found, what I think, is the perfect solution. It's actually a dining table, but it is high enough that I could use it as a cutting table and could sew with my sewing machine on it. That said, I would have to sew standing up.
Would that help my back from hurting when I'm sewing? Possibly? It would mean that after sitting for 8+ hours at work, I can stand for a bit when I get home to sew? As it turns out, lots of people sew and stand. Like these gals, and these and some interesting conversation on BurdaStyle's blog comments too. Some say it gives you more control. What do you think? Do you sew standing up?


Ólöf I. Davíðsdóttir said...

I stand while sewing because of my back. For the past year I've been developing my sewing station to make it work that way. The biggest obstacle is finding a way to stand on both feet and distributing weight evenly on both while operating the foot pedal. I cut a hole in a thick rubber floor mat and placed the pedal in there backwards so that I press it with the heel of my foot. This way I can stand partially on that leg as well. I've come across a number of people online who state that they stand while sewing when in fact many of them lean on a high chair and place the pedal on a low shelf under the table. Even though industrial sewing in often designed for vertical sewing, home sewing machines are not. Only one brand, Brother, has a hand controlled button on the machine itself for start/stop of sewing but one gets limited control of the speed. I'd love to be in continued conversation with you about this issue because my attempts are still a work in progress.

Sarah said...

Olof - Yes, let's keep the conversation going on this. I too have a bad back. I'll get back to you on how things go. I'm especially interested to see if it works for both my serger and my sewing machine! Thanks for following my blog.


Sarah said...

P.S. Olof I just checked out your profile and saw you are in Iceland. We were there two months ago. Beautiful country!!! Loved Reykjavik!

Indiangirl500 said...

I usually sit. But tomorrow I have interview at standing. Hmmmm. I 've been questioning myself but I see some good in standing. Gives me more knowledge to make the best decision for me since I have plantar fasciitis

Erik said...

I'm curious---is your presser foot cord long enough to reach the machine? The only thing keeping me from moving my machine "up" is the length of the cord. Has that been a problem for anyone else? If so, how did you get around that?

KeepersDollyDuds said...

My Mom's old Imperial machine had an "knee" pedal. One simply pushed the lever with the outside of the knee. One could mount a foot pedal at the knee height and use it that way.


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