Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where do you find inspiration?

Photo from Etsy
When I need some inspiration, I spend a few minutes reading one of the 150 + blogs I follow. I know, I know... there's way too many. I couldn't possibly read all of them, but here's several of my favorites:

Emersonmade - An adorable woman who makes her own clothes, models them and sells them
Grosgrain - this woman makes or refashions everything! Very, very inspiring
Say Yes to Hoboken - a bit of sewing and fun conversations
Wood and Faulk - Portland artist who redoes or creates from scratch, beautiful and modern looking furniture
Oh Happy Day! - etsy artist, designer and traveler. She's living in France with her family and inspires me on a daily basis
Make it already: Sewing, knitting, cooking awesomeness

What blogs do you visit for inspiration?

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