Monday, November 8, 2010

Lodekka: A Double Decker Dress Shop

Portland continues to bust at the seems with creativity. Last weekend I found another example with Lodekka - a double decker dress shop. A-dorable!
It's a cool 1960s bus full of accessories and vintage frocks.  I chatted with the shop owner, Erin, who said the idea came to her because she knew it was time for something different. Her previous job came to an end and she started a new with this sweet British bus. If you're in Portland, you should check it out. Plus, it's across the street from Pix Patisserie. Chocolate and dresses, it kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it.


jmoetruden. said...

Ohhh so THAT's what it is! I've seen the bus and I'm sure I said "Ellie, look at the double decker bus!" but didn't quite think about what I was looking at. I'll definitely drop in now!

Sarah said...

How funny. I love that was probably Ellie's first double decker bus sighting! They had lots of cute dresses. Have at it!

Anonymous said...

Creative indeed! -Ang


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