Sunday, September 19, 2010

Size matters -- Especially in Boots


It's not easy being a size 11 shoe. I spend months trying to find shoes that fit and are comfortable. And with boot season knocking, I have been on a mad treasure hunt to find just that.

The mission: Brown boots
Size: 11
Length: Mid calf
Style: cute of course
Cost: Under $150

I ended up buying 4 pairs and after two trips to Nordstrom, returning the three misfits. I found out very quickly though, that my budget was close but not quite adequate as the prices ranged from $169 - $200.

1. Nordstrom Halogen Valor Boots
cost: $169
colors available: brown, taupe/gray and black.

Nordstrom has done such a good job with their in-house brand Halogen this year. 
I love the Valor boots. Very comfortable, and they go over the knee or folded down. This folded down kind of looks like Puss N Boots to me, but it's a trend that I think I'll just have to get over. Ultimately I decided against them because they were a bit tippy. They had just enough of a heel that if I moved quickly I twisted my ankle/tripped. As a public service I decided not to get these an embarrass myself. 

2. Corso Como "Randy" boot
cost: $198
colors available: Taupe, Whiskey and Brown
Tall, but not quite to the knee. Comfortable, but I decided I wanted to have the definition and contrast of "hardware" on the boot.

3) Halogen Hassafron
colors: brown
cost: $199
Look like Fryes but are more comfortable and a lot more affordable. The leather has a worn and unique look to it. Tend to run pretty room in the heel and ankle area. Truly sad they didn't fit. Surprisingly, Nordstrom doesn't have a photo of this boot.

4) And the winner: Miz Mooz "king boot"
colors: black and brown
cost: $189.95 

What are you all finding? Any gems? 


Valerie said...

Great choice--I love your new boots!

Jennifer Ruden said...

Yes! Check out Johnny Sole, SW Alder and....9th? Downtown. Beautiful boots and within that price range.

Alberta has a few stores with gorgeous boots, too. Prices are a little high, but I think some of the boots are made of gold! Or not.

Jenn Lahpee-ay! said...

I love the pair you chose! You inspired me to pop over to Nordstrom's site, which turned into way more time than I planned staring at their massive boot collection! So far, I've narrowed it down to 10. I think I'll pull a Sarah and just buy all of them but then return the 9 that don't make the cut...kidding!

Sarah said...

Lahpee-ay! ;)
You should go for it! Just tell J to ignore the credit card bill for a bit.

Trin said...

How funny! Your dad had those "Miss Mooz" boots when we were in college. I think he paid $35 for them! Of course gas was 33 cents a gallon.


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