Friday, September 10, 2010

September Issue

via NYTimes

I'm at home again today for sick day number 2. Feeling very unglamorous while sitting on the couch with a cat on my lap, I decided to watch the September Issue. It is Fashion's Night Out today after all.

And although Anna Wintour is the star of the movie I really found my self loving some of the other characters behind the Vogue cover:

I fell in love with this designer: Thakoon. Humble, sweet and talented. A rare mix in the fashion world. 

I found Grace Coddington totally endearing, with her red frizzy hair and lack of makeup. Her passion for the business and eye for style is amazing, even if she doesn't dress to the nines. 

Here's the trailer for the movie. I highly recommend it.


Anna said...

I watched that movie a couple of months ago! I agree about Thakoon; he was such a cutie. Kind of made up for having to watch Anna Wintour parade around in florals the rest of the time. Yikes.

Valerie said...

omg yes! 2009 was a wonderful year for movies about the fashion industry as it also included Coco Before Chanel and Valentino: The Last Emperor. Another movie full of fashion eye candy is Marie Antoinette. I LOVE the visuals in that movie!


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