Thursday, September 9, 2010

Capes: Fashion Forward or Faux Pas?

Left to right: 
Sartorialist, Penny Lane and Marie Claire

So, capes... what do you think about them? On some they look lovely. But on others they look costumey. (Take one look at etsy and you'll see what I mean.) I like their unstructured form, their coziness and how they feel autumn/Fallish.  

I've got a few options as far as patterns go.  I do like the capes that have a slightly skewed opening to one side. Like the patterned one above. (This is an alteration that I think I could easily make.)

BurdaStyle has a lovely one that even comes in a tall sizes


from the Sew Everything book:

What do you think? Are capes too much?


Valerie said...

The one on the bike looks GREAT! But generally for me they are too dramatic.

Sarah said...

I agree - especially with your comment about the capes being too dramatic. Ugh, decisions decisions. Maybe I'll just stick to dresses for now.

bags, fags, & drags said...

I am totally a cape girl! I have designed two so far, visit:

I can not wait for the chilly weather so I can cape it up! The only down side to capes is you can't rest your handbag on your shoulder, but other than that, love um.

Sarah said...

Good point on the purse on your shoulder. Michelle, I love your capes! Wow. Loving your etsy store too.


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