Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creative space is a priority

Apartment Therapy just did a feature about a sewing shed. The space was given to a woman as a birthday gift and she's turned it into her sewing studio. Tucked away in a little section of her backyard, she retreats and sews. It's tiny but it's all hers.

Having a creative space in our home is a priority for me and Michael. We have dedicated the top floor of our house to our studio space and decided that for the rest of our lives there is no way we can live without a similar kind of space. Michael composes his music while I sew. He touches up his photography and I read in the nook. It's lovely. I'll post a photo or two of our space soon. Do you have a space that you are inspired by?

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Jenn said...

My garden...does that count as a space? I am completely inspired and instantly relaxed when I walk through the garden. Right now I am (slowly) working on turning the garage into my pottery studio and I cannot wait till its finished! You are so right about creative/creating space being a priority.


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