Friday, June 4, 2010

Morelle Closing Up Shop

photos via morelle

I'm sad to say that one of my favorite handbag designers, Morelle, is closing her shop. Many of you know I received an amazing Morelle clutch for a Christmas present and I have been a smitten kitten ever since. 

Since I discovered Morelle on etsy, she's been this almost magical creature in my mind.  She's a Greek designer who has lived all over the world. She's about my age and runs this cute little shop with her sister. Her handbags are top notch - the leather is like butter for heaven sakes - and beautifully designed. 

But, alas, she will be moving to Australia with her boyfriend and must leave her fabulous business behind, at least for now.  For the full explanation go here

The upside of my story? My husband encouraged me to buy an everyday purse from her. (I think he was sick of me talking about it). So I did. I picked the green mini truffle (above and below). It's very similar to my Mother-in-law's purse, which I think is lovely. 

All of Morelle's bags are currently on sale, so if any of you are in the need of a nice handbag then head on over to her shop and get a little piece of Morelle before she moves on.

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