Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mid-Century Modern

You may find this post is a bit of a deviation from the fashion world, but I find fashion and furniture to be very similar. Both are highly architectural.

Lately the modern furniture bug has bitten me ... hard. Michael has always had his eye on modern pieces. We've gone to the mid century modern furniture stores next to our house three times in less than two weeks.

Michael is most smitten with an original Eames chair. Who can blame him really? It's black leather, rosewood and original down cushion.

In the meantime, we focused on something a bit more affordable... this:

but I also have my eye on this because I'm in love with Ray and Charles Eames (but more on that later):

Both posters are from Blue Art Studio.

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Unknown said...

A woman after my own heart! I love that Eames poster. You can't really get around the high price-tag of an Eames lounger (unless you get a knock-off), but I can point you in the direction of many other mid-century furniture stores that carry much more affordable pieces than Look. Let's talk!


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