Tuesday, May 25, 2010

European Style: Inspiring (for the most part)

I'm fresh off the plane from our 3-week trip to Europe and the longest vacation of my adult life.

I was in love with so much of the fashion I saw throughout Europe. Fashion magazines don't really give you the best sense of what people are really wearing on the other side of the world and the fashion tends to change drastically from country to country... so here's my take on the beautiful fashions I saw... by country.

Fashion was not inhibited by biking... ever. Women wore mostly boots but I saw a fair bit of high heel mary janes. Because it was pretty chilly (we had to buy a sweater hoodie and gloves while we were there) there was a lot of beautiful coats and thick tights. Lots of trench coats and brown and black leather coats.

via CycleChic 

Provence/Southern France: Marseille, Aix En Provence, Montpellier   

The French were obsessed with Birkenstocks. Gladiator, one strap - anything - it didn't matter, as long as it was a Birkenstock. I applauded their comfortable fashion choice and cursed myself for leaving mine at home (stupidly thinking they would be way too unfashionable for Europe -phooey!).
And as the French often do, many outfits were flowy. Often short dresses with over sized cardigans covering them loosely. Floral prints were very popular. I even bought myself a little dress that I often wore with tights and my little Dansko sandals.

both photos via LookBook

Barcelona & Madrid 

T-shirts with faces on them are EVERWHERE! Yup, women's eyes and a nose, smack in the middle of torsos everywhere in Spain. (Personally, I'm not a fan, but I'm a visitor of these beautiful countries, what do I know?)

The oddest pants I've ever seen where rampant as well throughout both Barcelona and Madrid. The crotch ended around the knees and there legs were tapered like sleeves on a shirt. They are called Harem pants. And I pray to God they never find their wayward way to the States!

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The items every European had... Converse shoes, leather jackets and scarves.

Fashion not popular in Europe: ruffles. They haven't hit Europe like they have the US. Surprising, no?

A great trip, full of fashion, food and constant people watching. What are you seeing in your part of the world?


Anonymous said...

xExcellent roundup! Makes me wish I'd paid a bit more attention overall, but oh! the "harem pants". were. everywhere. I only came home with a scarf and a pair of sandals, but that's because I probably packed too much to begin with! S.

Anna said...

I've seen a few people wearing harem pants in Boston, and it's not a good idea for anyone. :)

They were pretty popular with the young folk in Niger, though, probably because they look comfortable and breezy, and they were also a traditional style for one of the smaller ethnic groups there. Or at least that was the excuse. I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time!


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