Thursday, April 8, 2010

LL Bean's Signature Collection, Almost A Love Affair

Dear LL Bean, 

I love your new Signature Collection! With this new collection, you got it! You captured this point in my life where I'm way past Juniors and nervously pacing the Women's section trying to find something that is work appropriate but still "fun" enough that I can go to a happy hour after work and feel fashionable. 

I want to wear your clothes. I want to say "yah, this is LL Bean! I know, I can't believe it either. It looks like JCrew or Nordstrom." 

But guess what, I can't.  Know why? Because I am 6'1 and none of your Signature Line is made for tall women. So what do you offer for a woman that is my size... 


which I can honestly say aren't helpful. 

You are so close... really! All your peers are doing it. You know, like Banana Republic, Gap and even Ann Taylor Loft. Just a few inches longer and you're there! And when you get there, let me know.



Trin said...

This line IS great!! I would love to see it for tall women too!

PaxV said...

Interesting. I have very short legs and very few places where I can find pants that don't require me to have the legs shortened. LL Bean is one of the very few where I can get 28" inseams; however, the mens pants are soooo boring. How ironic that you have just the opposite problem with LL Bean. They've got a great swing--too bad they can't hit the ball!

jmoetruden. said...

I heart you Sarah


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