Sunday, April 18, 2010

Advice and an Etsy Giveaway

Hair accessories can spice up an outfit, but keeping them in my hair for more than a few minutes is an entirely different story. Oh, the woes of curly hair! But my dear readers, in true Sarah’s Threads form – let’s take our fashion woes and find a fabulous solution. So, I’d like to introduce Nicole, the talented artist and owner of Etsy’s Elfie Pins
 Nicole styling Emily's hair

Nicole recently showed me and several friends that there are countless ways to wear hair accessories with style. We got a little studio time with photographer, Karl Sandell, who graciously took our photos as we accessorized with Nicole’s beautiful Elfie Pins.
Nicole share’s her advice below and generously offered a fabulous giveaway!
Here’s how the giveaway works. First, go to Elfie Pins and pick out two of your favorites – one for you and one for a friend. Then, post in the comments section of this post (directly below) which two sets are your favorite and why. On Friday, April 23rd, I will draw one lucky name to receive the two sets of hair pins. 
But first, here’s Nicole’s tips:
Question: I often feel like barrettes make me look like a kid, but your pins are stunning. What advice would you give for women wanting to accessorize with Elfie Pins?
I hear ya! I would recommend getting a little creative and don’t be too “matchy matchy” with your accessories. For example, avoid wearing white bobby pins with a white top. Instead create more contrast with a white top with red bobby pins. Or pair a purple sundress with yellow bobby pins. It’s important to avoid plastic clips, but keep it classy with Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones.

Question: Do you have any advice for using pins in curly hair?
If you have curly hair and/or thick hair, bobby pins can be functional as well and a fun addition to your outfit. What I would recommend is pulling a very small section of hair on either side of your head so it gives the effect of a half ponytail. You can also pull your hair back in a fun curly bun or ponytail and keep the bobby pin as a decoration on the side. 

Question: How would you wear barrettes or pins in short hair?
There are three ways that you may consider depending upon the length of your hair:

1) Start by taking a section in the front of your hair and give it a little twist. Then secure it on the side.

2) You can also go a bit more flirty with a simple updo. Make a small braid on the side of your head and secure it with a hair pin.

3) You can also take a section from the front of your hair and pull back while leaving some volume and height. Then secure the pin close to the forehead. 

Question: Are there colors brunettes, blondes or redheads should wear exclusively?
I always recommend my clients find their ideal “season”. A season is based on a combination of skin tone, hair color and eye color. It’s also a great launch pad for ladies trying to determine their ideal color palette. Lady Language has a great quiz to help you determine your season. From there, you will easily find accessories that work well. 

So have at it ladies… check out Elfie Pins and let us know what are your favs! 

Update: The giveaway goes until midnight Friday night. I will be drawing a name with the help of random number generator and posting the winner this weekend. 


verypurpleperson said...

Pretty hairpins and nice tips!
I love 'Smile of a Sun' because it's so perfect for spring! And I would choose 'Strawberry Surprise' for my best friend because they look so sweet and perfect for her. I also like the name as it will be a nice surprise for her :)

jmoetruden. said...

You are *so* good at finding the most clever ideas and prettiest of things. I've decided that my "season" is Summer and you know that beautiful Sunday we just had? I am now in love with all that is bright and orange. Elfie's "Orange Slices" for me and "Strawberry Surprise" for my friend's little girl, due at the end of August.

Simmons said...

"Fiesta" for me! Love the power and strength of turquoise...always makes me feel ready to take on anything. As for my best-ie, I'd say "magenta sparkle"- multifaced, always something new when you look at it in a different light. :) Super cute pins!

Unknown said...

Oh, I'd like to give my friend "Dew for You" as, she recently moved to Colorado and would enjoy the reminder of rain drops falling on her head. And I'd like to wear "Tickle with a Feather." The beads remind me of beads I used to use to create friendships bracelets with when I was younger. She makes lovely pins. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Sar. Love these. Your pic is cute. Wish I could have been there. I love the " to be kooky". BFL (best fried Lindsey) would get the "orange slices".

Unknown said...

Something bright and fun is the trick to polishing off the hurried Mommy look when I've got a minute to style my hair with my toddler's help. Thanks for the blog and tips. I'd forgotten about accessorizing my hair and dug through my drawer this morning. I'd go with Magenta Sparkle for myself and for my friend, Smile of a Sun. Matches her sunny, upbeat personality even during these rainy Portland days.

Unknown said...

Love these hairpins! Sarah, you always find the most unique, wonderful little treasures to share with the world. :) I fell in love with 'Aqua Fabulous', I've decided they're my "season" - I think they'll compliment my hair color and skin tone. For my friend, I pick 'Sugar Stick', sassy and sweet just like her.

Andrea said...

I love all of them! Very fun. My favorites are: Fire on the Peach and Peas in a Pod. Fun blog sissy!

Sharon said...

I'd love the Tickle with a Feather pins for myself because they're so elegant. I'd give the Taste of Brown Sugar pins to my pal Katie because they're subtle enough to dress up her hair for her elementary-school teaching gig.

Melissa said...

They are very cute hair pins. "To Be Kooky" for me when I need to pull my bangs back. The "Magenta Sparkle" because I have a friend with dark hair that I think it would look great with!

Sandra said...

I think I might have missed the cut off (blerg)....but wanted to say that I love the pins. I would choose the aqua fabulous and the hair-pins fiesta because they remind me of the ocean and I think blues look great in dark hair. I've been inspired lately to do more with my hair (so that I don't succumb to the frumpy mummy syndrome that scares me)....and bobby pins have been a lot of fun in this...thoug mine aren't nearly as gorgeous. Good luck with the business, I'm sure it'll do great!


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