Monday, March 29, 2010

Fitted Jackets & Big Dreams

Dang me and my long torso! Everyone is wearing cute jackets and I'm sitting here envious. 
My favorite fitted jacket is nearing its last season... it's a vintage jacket I got a few years ago and have worn it a ton. 

Nikki-Shell's last post provided a ton of inspiration.  If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She does amazing work! She just finished a muslin fitted jacket from BurdaStyle pattern and for those of you wanting to make your own jacket, she offers some great tips

 I went to a great conference today and ended up sitting behind a Portland blogger named SodaPopGirl who was wearing an amazing fitted jacket. Turns out it's an Anthropologie jacket, which, sadly is no longer on their site. But it had a beautiful tie in the front. Gorgeous and a great idea for a unique jacket! 

So, my lovely readers, I will finish a fitted jacket by the Fall. If it takes all the muslin in Portland to get it right... I will do it! Watch for a tall alteration guide to perfecting the fitted jacket of your dreams! Are any of you working on a fitted jacket pattern? Do tell. 

Photo courtesy of BurdaStyle

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