Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The rumors are true!

Okay, so remember how I was recently talking about Long Tall Sally - the cute tall fashion boutiques that are in the UK? Well, I just found out that the rumors are true... Long Tall Sally is coming to the US. And tomorrow, on the Martha Stewart Show, Long Tall Sally will officially debut in the US. (Please come to Portland, please come to Portland!) Ironically I blogged about this tall episode too recently but had not idea that the two were related. I guess that shows you what a small world the "tall world" is.

So here's the skinny on tomorrow's Martha Stewart show:

- All featured guests and audience members will be over 6'0" tall
- Arianne Cohen, the author of a hilarious book called The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life on High will talk to Martha about the trials and tribulations of "the tall"
- Lisa Butcher - UK style expert, model and host of the BBC's "What Not to Wear" - will share fashion tips for tall women
- A tall women fashion show will be modeled by the 2008 US Olympic rowing team

It's about time tall women got a little attention! Well done Martha!

Photo courtesy of Long Tall Sally

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