Saturday, February 13, 2010

Born Peri boots - I have a crush on you!

Dang you with your cute leather and perfect fit. Why do you have to be so pricey?! Don't think you can trick me. I know you came out in the fall... I'm patient and I can wait until your price drops...

These boots would be perfect for traveling around in Europe. Throw on a cute skirt and light jacket and away you go!
Check out this post from Fashionable Housewife about how to wear these adorable boots!

Here's a preview of her "dressy" option.

1 comment:

nicole said...

Nice post..Yes in life all should choose the best things..
like good job,good friends,good leisure wear and good shoes that will make our life very happy and meaning full.
I like this born boots.
Thanks..keep posting


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