Monday, January 25, 2010

Tall Women's Fashion Part 2

Courtesy of mechelepellebon

So I did a search for tall women's clothing and was scared by what I found. We're talking large, body builder women in search of jeans and who knows what else? Many of the tall fashion tips are on strange forums that are not quite legit.

So I thought for the good of the tall gals, I'd compile a list of the usual tall clothing resources. You know, Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor Loft. Maybe I'd even throw in a Boden with it's occasional 33inch inseam pants.
Then I stumbled upon Long Tall Sally. MOTHERLOAD! Word has it that Tall Girl Shop - I know, I hate the name, but I've found some cute things there, may be partnering with Long Tall Sally. A tall fashion store that is actually fashionable... get out!

Any other thoughts? I'm sure there are a ton I'm missing!

Oh, and if you are on Twitter, you should check out some interesting tall resources:
Not much fits
Long Tall Sally and their blog which features tall girl diaries. Love it!

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Holly said...

FYI - has custom designed jeans for gals up to 6'6", inseams up to 40". Customize everything including wash, treatment, rise, etc. A little pricey but then again...


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