Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something meaningful

Around the holidays Michael and I donate to a charity that has touched our hearts during the year. Often times the charities are social services right here in Portland. Recently, I realized that as much time as we spend exploring the Oregon wilderness, we are giving very little back. This year especially, parks across the country have struggled for funding and some have had to close.
Recently, one of our friends started a non-profit called For The Next, which allows you to donate to environmental non-profits. Many of these non-profits haven't had a way to promote themselves let alone set up an online donation tool. Through For The Next, we were able to donate to several non-profits that we love and adore, including EcoTrust and Hells Canyon Preservation Council.
Photos courtesy of Michael Lemmon

Michael and I spent some time at Hells Canyon on our honeymoon. We did some hiking and found an overlook where we sat for hours picnicking, reading, talking and looking into the canyon. A canyon that is deeper than the Grand Canyon by the way. Yes, I know... it's right here in Oregon! I can't believe that we have such amazing places right here. And even more importantly that we have the power to protect these places for generations.
For The Next has a list of a dozen (and constantly growing) nonprofits from land conservancies and wildlife refuges to salmon restoration non profits.
Very cool. You should check out For The Next.


Anonymous said...

This post made me want to ho explore! - Leah

Ryan Russell said...


Thank you so much for sharing your story and perspective. It is through stories that we can help others connect with our natural world.



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