Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey BurdaStyle...

photo from BurdaStyle Jan 2010 issue

Dear BurdaStyle,

You need an iphone app ... bad! Here's why... your beautiful magazine with it's inspiring spreads are hard to catalogue. For example, I have been swooning over a dress I saw from a few issues ago. I think about it every time I'm in the fabric store, but I inevitably forgot that issue and grabbed another issue with another shirt I had my eye on. Well, guess what, because I don't know the fabric or how much I need, I am going to try another pattern. And because, let's face it, I see at least 3 patterns I would love to do in each issue, this happens a lot.

So here's a solution... if you had an iphone app that allowed BurdaStyle readers to have the ability to bookmark each pattern, I bet you would have a lot of happy readers. This app could have a picture of the pattern (both technical and with a model) the amount and kind of fabric needed and perhaps a short section for notes. Oh, and wouldn't it be cool to also have the ability to tweet and Facebook these? Your readers are constantly emailing, blogging, tweeting and showing the world the BurdaStyle photos, why not make it easier? I bet people would even pay for this app... I know I would.

BurdaStyle, you have all the beautiful photos now use em'! I hope you consider this idea, because I bet tons of readers would use it... I mean, consider your demographic?

Sarah Lemmon


Unknown said...

You make an absolutely fantastic point! We are certainly going to talk about this to see if we can implement it in the future.


The BurdaStyle Team

Christina said...

Great idea, and I'm glad to see someone at Burda heard you!


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