Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sew Club

The only rule for sew club is... there must be wine. Or at least thats what everyone assumed.
We kicked off our first Sew Club meetup at Cool Cottons last night. We all brought different projects and munchies.

Jennifer worked on several projects- mending and adding new snaps.

Sandra and Barb (Mama Fransen) worked on Sandra's first sewn garment - a beautiful skirt.

Sandra is an expert top stitcher as she and the rest of us found out. Don't let that look disuade you!

Angela laid out some beautiful blue fabric for her holiday dress and then chatted with Anne and Jennifer as they did a little hand sewing.

As usual Pam was a gracious host!

Our next meet up is in January for potholders with Anne.

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jmoetruden. said...

You forgot to post the beautiful bag that you made!


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