Sunday, November 1, 2009


Michael and I tend to be creative people. If we are home we are often up in our studio, me behind the sewing machine and Michael editing his photos or making music. And our home tends to reflect our creativity. Michael's photos of our trips hang on many of our walls. It's what makes our house our own, cozy even. But, for a while Michael has been wanting to get a piece of art done by someone else. An original print. Michael's parents raised him with vivid prints of Miro and Calder and that's stuck with him. (Quite a different atmosphere than my Wisconsin roots of barn prints.) So I had been a little worried about what we would find that spoke to both of us AND was affordable.
Well, as my previous post discusses, we found and fell in love with the work of a Chicago-based artist named Jenny Beorkrem who created a full line called Ork Posters City Neighborhood Maps. Each poster is a map of the city with the neighborhoods displayed in a unique typographic style.
With intentions of buying one print we ended up with two. One of a map of Portland and the other of Manhattan, one of my favorite places. It's not a Calder, but it was created by hand by an artist and almost magically, it speaks to both me and Michael.

The Portland print is the first thing you see when you come into our home. And the Manhattan print is adding light and color to our finished basement. I love looking at them. It makes my heart happy.


Anonymous said...

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jmoetruden. said...

Sabin! Represent! :) Great finds!


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