Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Sewing Group Begins!

Courtesy Getty Images

I've been scheming up ways to start a sewing group for a while. In a way it kind of makes sewing, which is often a solo activity, more of a group sport. So, tonight I pulled a few of my girlfriends, who sew, together and we met for cocktails and discussed what a sewing group could look like. We are going to meet every 6 - 8 weeks at my favorite fabric store Cool Cottons. We can reserve the space for several hours and sew out little hearts out. We've decided to meet on Friday nights because we can rent the space till 11.
I bet we will all come home exhausted after a full day of work and a fun creative sewing session, but it will be fabulous!
Our first project is going to be a holiday dress. We will all likely be doing different dresses, but the goal is to finish it in time for New Years! How fun!!
I'm thinking of a sheath dress in honor of our fabulous first lady. Michelle is always so stylish and pulls off amazing outfits.
Here's what I'm thinking...

This dress, the black one in the middle (C) in black.


Sew-Stylish said...

Love this photo! I am so so excited after meeting last night! :)

Sandra said...

THat is one sassafrantastic dress!!! OH me, oh my. Can't wait. Though totally freaked out. I think my dress may be more like, ummmm...a curtain. :)

Anonymous American said...

You have, of course read the book FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB? Similar idea...hope it is going well!


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