Sunday, September 13, 2009


Buttonholes are the bain of my existence in sewing! I LOVE buttons but I hate hand sewing in the button holes and loops. My new machine has an amazing button hole attachment... but that's for another post.

I tried an interesting technique that **mostly** worked. I should have spent a little more time lining the loops up, but that's one of those cases of sewing at 11 pm when you are tired and trying to get things done. Result: Uneven or smaller than needed button holes.

Regardless, here's a few tips:

First, cut your button loops and mark with tailors chalk where you'd like to sew them.
Then one, by one sew them with out trimming your thread between each loop. This saves ALOT of time!

Next, cut carefully in between each button loop to separate them from the bunch.

Then, after marking the placement on your garment - in this case, it was my dress placket - use a glue stick to glue the loops right onto the garment. Just a dab will do. Then do a quick stitch up the front. Works like a charm!

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