Sunday, September 13, 2009

Burda dress is finished

This was without a doubt the most complicated dress I have ever done. Sadly it was one of the easier ones that Burda had in the September 2009 issue. I've had a lot of feedback that no one saw this dress in that issue. Well, for those of you looking, it's on page 21 - dress 124. But, I made the following modifications:
- Added 6 inches to the length. Two above the smocked waist and 4 below to fit my 6'1 frame. It's a little longer than the model, but I love the length of the dress on me.
- After making one long sleeve I decided it looked a little too Ronald McDonald, so I made it a short smocked sleeve.
- I also made 9 button loops out of ribbon instead of the 10 out of the matching fabric. The rayon/poly mixture I used made it too bulky.

Things I'd change:
- I don't like the inverted pleat in the front of the dress. While it gives it shape, it doesn't always look right.
- I accidentally cut the bottom of the front piece in a square instead of just a slit when I was adding the facing ... so I had to make a little back panel to put behind the buttons to hide the mistake.
- I like a more fitted look, so the "blousey" mid section is a little odd for me. I am planning on getting a big brown belt to hopefully create more of a wasteline and fit.

But, I finally remembered to use one of my labels for my garments. I always remember them for gifts, but never when I make my own clothes.

I think it's interesting to see what smocking looks like from behind.

I'm planning on wearing this for our Indian summer, but also with a pair of boots and a little coat this fall.


Trin said...

Your mom is proud of you and your grandma would be too!

jmoetruden. said...

Love it Sarah! I may just have to borrow it some time ;)

Nate Goss said...

What did you end up naming your dress?

YogaNutrition said...

I love this dress. You are very talented, Sarah!


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