Saturday, May 2, 2009

Manhattan Bistro

My last night in NY Was devoid of plans. I was so excited. I decided
to head back down to Soho. I was exhausted from jet lag and two days
of long but wonderful meeting/conference sessions with my client. I
was alone- one of those single travelers I used to see in restaurants
and felt so bad for. But what freedom it was. I sat in the Manhattan
Bistro, my glass of wine and the rain pouring outside. I wasn't afraid
to eat alone, I embraced it. What decadence. My meal arrived, and I
ordered another glass of wine. What an amazing evening.


Corvus said...

I've always adored traveling alone, to the point that even when I have someone to travel with I try to take a few little trips with myself. It's a lovely way to see a place, and you've got no obligations to anyone else's travel plans to consider.

Julia said...

How relaxing that sounds.


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