Sunday, March 8, 2009

Twin needles

I'm in the process of making the Tulip skirt as you know... thank you for your votes! The buttons aren't on their yet, so there's still time to let me know which one you like the best!
Because this pattern is from a magazine and all the pieces are on top of each other I had to transfer the pattern to paper, cut out the pieces and then onto the actual fabric and cut the fabric. Cutting out the pattern is my least favorite part, so I'm glad that's done. I am finally connecting the front and back pieces. The pattern calls for decorative thread for the skirt's hem. Rather than do the single stitch for the hem, doing two lines of contrasting thread makes the garment look much more professional. At the Sewing Expo I learned a bit about twin needles, so I gave it a try on my machine. So easy and affordable at about $6 - $8. I love it. More photos to come, but if you haven't used a twin needle, give it a whirl. As Marta Alto said at the Sewing Expo in one of my sessions, "I am not trying to beat Target prices with the garments I'm making, I am trying to rival Nordstrom clothes that sell for hundreds of dollars."


Alicia said...

I love twin needles and have a small collection. The twin lines of stitches just look so chic.

Love the quote about competing with Neiman Marcus rather than target!

Sarah said...

Ohh... tell me more. What kinds of stitches do you do. I've seen decorative stitches for twin needles. Tell me more about your collection.

Becky said...

I tried a twin needle once-- I actually didn't have very good luck with it at all. I don't know if it was because I was using a denim one with that heavier jeans thread or what, but I ended up just doing the two rows of topstitching like I normally do. I know I followed the directions (which called for a slight zigzag)--any tips?

Sarah said...

Becky - I think the zig zag stitch might be the problem. I just did a straight stitch, although the instructions recommended using a zig zag. I had to pull out my Pfaff's instructions because I didn't know how to add a second thread and how to keep it from getting tangled. Other than that, I tried it out on a few test pieces and it worked well. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.


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