Saturday, April 25, 2009


We received the most amazing wedding gift recently. My father-in-law, a woodworker, told us that he would make us any piece of furniture that we wanted. Well, it took us a while to decide what piece we wanted and even longer to agree on a style and kind of wood... but finally we did. We chose a sideboard to go in our front room. The wood is a sustainably harvested walnut with birds eye maple adding a beautiful contrast on the inside. I am in love with it!
I feel like we have our first piece of art! All of our other furniture is old hand-me-downs or IKEA, so this sideboard really stands out!
Bob, my father-in-law has a cool story about getting into woodworking. He has run his own businesses for decades and a few years ago decided he wanted to do something new. So he went back to school and decided to start his own eco-friendly, custom cabinetry and furniture business. He uses sustainably harvested wood from the United States and is truly a skilled craftsman.
He mostly does kitchen remodeling and has helped us with a few troubled drawers. Check him out at Ravenworks Joinery.

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Julia said...

This is one beautiful piece of art, uhm, furniture.


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