Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fabric Shopping in Portland and Seattle

I have a sewing crush on several bloggers... they inspire me everyday. One of them is Christina from Assorted Notions... her goal is that one day all of the clothes in her closet will be handmade. She always finds great patterns and gives great advice.
Since she lives in Seattle, I asked her to give me a few fabric spots to check out...
She recommended Stitches on Capital Hill, I fell in love with this print... it's an Anna Marie Horner fabric called Volumes. One of my projects this year will be to make this dress! I love it. Stitches was sold out of the fabric in black, which was a bummer, but now I'm going to begin my search... hopefully Cool Cottons will have it!

Christina had given me a warning that there weren't a whole lot of fabric spots in Seattle, and she was right. Poor dear! Now if I only had the skills... I'm surrounded by sewing places in Portland... here's a list:

Cool Cottons: My favorite fabric store in place and an affordable spot to take fun classes. Pam and Marie make this such a fun spot to go, and it's dangerously close to my house.

Fabric For Less: This is a rug and fabric store on a very busy, not so pretty street in Portland.
They sell a lot of belly dancing fabric, trims, thread and other treasures. Hit or miss, but worth a trip.

Knittn KittenA vintage fabric store that sells buttons, fabric, patterns for cheap, cheap, cheap!

Fabric Depot The biggest fabric store in the NW. I have literally spent 5 hours in here before. Anything you need, they'll have it... just try to leave spending less than $50!

Scrap: Total treasure hunt of a place... all donations based, fabrics, buttons, crafts, you have it!

Mill End: Disclaimer, I have not gone here, but I've seen other people's finds and must go soon!


Christina said...

I'm glad you made it to Stitches! That dress is very cool.

Julia said...

I can identify with Christina about not having many places to shop for fabric. I have to drive an hour to the closest JoAnn's. Otherwise it's Walmart and this discount place not too far from here. i actually find more there than anywhere sometimes. They have some unusual fabrics.
I love to watch glass blowers at work.

Becky said...

Now I feel really deprived-- that looks like a lot of fabric stores to me! All I have around here is Joann's, a quilt fabric shop, whatever clothes I buy for pure fabric useage from Goodwill, and the internet.

And that dress is great!


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