Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shopping bag

I made this reusable grocery bag for Christmas present for a family member, with a little help from Ursa (aka gold finger b/c of her little gold paw). This pattern uses quite a bit of fabric, but I recommend it. The pattern is from Sew and Stow... a great book with lot's of project. I used a Moda fabrics home decorating weight fabric, which worked out nicely.


shawna said...

ok this one looks SOOO much better then mine. May I ask how you did the handles?
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Sarah said...

Shawna -- I cheated! I bought the brown strapping. But, and this is very important, make sure that you backstitch the ends several times because they will unravel even when sewn into the seam allowance. I know from experience, sadly!

Anonymous said...




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