Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buttons + Helen

While on my trip to the Midwest to visit family and friends my grandma gave me some vintage buttons from her aunt Helen, a fun, whimsical woman that I remember fondly as a kid. Helen, who passed away several years ago, was part kid, part horder and always fun. Every time we visited her she would always have new toys and goodies in her antique desk. She always helped us get candy... especially when mom wasn't looking. Infact, she had a secret stash of candy, which being a diabetic, was not a good thing for her, but she figured that if no one actually saw her eating the candy bars that she had hid around the house earlier -- that it actually didn't count. So as you can imagine, getting these whimsical buttons was a fun reminder of Helen and her cheerful spirit. When there is better light I will take a picture of all of Helen's buttons, but for now I will share my favorite discovery... Several months ago I was shopping in an antique store with my husband when I found a set of 8 green buttons. Remember? Well, one of the buttons I inherited was a blue button... the same as the set of 8 green ones I had purchased a few months ago. A fun coincidence.
I'm in the process of making my Grandma and me bracelets out of Helen's buttons... it's a great reminder of one of my favorite people.


Becky said...

Oh, I like that button! It's fun. :)

Julia said...

When I hold something in my hand that I know my grandmother, aunt, or someone else I loved, it makes me feel so, well, so warm and good all over. I can only imagine how the buttons make you feel.


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