Thursday, December 18, 2008

Volunteering: Share your story

For the past few years I have volunteered at a place here in Portland called the William Temple House that provides a variety of services to the working poor. Every week I work with kids in the WTH children's clothing closet. It's a grant-funded clothing shop that provides new clothes to children for free with the hopes that if they have good clothes, they will have a better self esteem and perform better in school. So many of the kids that come in have never received new clothes. It's amazing to see their little faces filled with smiles when they find clothes that they like and that fit them. Pure joy!
But because it is a grant-funded venture, there is not extra money for other much needed items. My husband and I were talking about how being a teenager is tough - lots of changes - not to mention the awkwardness about it all. So for the past few years my husband and I have put together these kits... they have things like shavers and deodorant, soap etc.
This year we did 10 girls kits and 5 boy kits.
Do you volunteer at a place that is doing great things? Let's hear about it!


jmoetruden. said...

I volunteered at the humane society for a while, but I have to say, it has been a few years. Volunteering not only takes time, but major emotional investment. It's an incredible thing to do and I wish I had time to do more of it... I commend you! And I can see the beautiful Sarah touch with those kits too. You rock!

Becky said...

I do stuff here and there, but more of a one-time thing than a long-term commitment.

Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Angelia said...

How wonderful of you! Me and my husband have been talking about doing volunteer work... we just need to get off our butts and get to it! Right now all we do is give money.. which is good too and needed.. just not as involved.


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