Sunday, December 14, 2008

Make your old t-shirts into amazing presents!

My brilliant friend Heather came over to use my sewing machine and brought an awesome idea for a fun pattern.
The idea was to transform two cotton shirts into neck warmers -- the kind that sit on your shoulders and relieve stress.

Two shirts - she brought one long shirt and one short shirt. We used the arms from one shirt and then cut up the middle of the other short-sleeved t-shirt.
Long grained-rice 5 lbs or more depending on how many you are making apparently the short grain rice can poke through.
2 oz of dried lavender
Sewing machine
Matching thread
(Optional) Serger

Heather mixed the long grain rice and lavender (again, the quantity is up to you). For the long sleeved shirt, we simply cut off the arms with the side walls already constructed and forming a tube. For the t-shirt, we used the shape and size of the long sleeved shirt as a template. We then sewed up the side parts so it mimicked the long sleeve shirt. We then had 4 "tubes" read to sew.
With the wrong sides on the outside, sew or serge up the bottom short end and 1/2 of each side on the other end. Turn. With the help of a funnel, put the lavender/rice mixture into the arm band. Turn the open edges under and stitch it closed.

The total cost was about :$20.
It's a green, environmentally friendly, recycled Christmas present that's handmade... is there anything better?


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